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Karbon / Twintip / Kiteboard / Splitboard

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Das Freeride / Flat Water Twintip

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For a rider who is absolutely aware of their prowess on the water, the 2HD is builtfor aggressive flat-water riding, Big Air and big loops, and for all the high-speedfun you could possibly handle...

The Double Hydrodynamic Rocker Line on the2HD assists in early planing, then channels in a refined high-velocity attack,devouring any upwind water-resistance and providing a smooth but intense ridingexperience with a hard-edged grip, making this the fastest board in our twintiprange.

Built with our Pop Grower technology, explosive hucks into boosts, Big Airand megaloops are easily achieved, providing safe soaring time for hooked-inriders, while the tough sandwich construction can withstand any hard landings.

Odoo • Text und Bild
Odoo • Text und Bild