NOBILE NHP Split Foil + Twintip 2020

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Karbon / Twintip / Kiteboard / Splitboard

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Das Twintip und Hydrofoilboard

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A product that can be transported and enjoyed worldwide, the NHP Split board is Nobile’s unique answer to the needs of people who ride twintip style boards but, in the case of lighter winds, also want to continue to enjoy riding (or gliding) without having to buy an additional board specifically for each purpose.

There have been twintips in the past that have had the ability to connect a foil, but never a contemporary split design that fits with Nobile’s ideology of providing an effective, cost-friendly solution to traveling with a board and a foil.

On the water, the NHP Split Foil board’s flexibility (especially in the tips) allows for comfortable riding and simple tricks, with the board driving smoothly upwind, with no splashing. Soft on the knees when landing jumps, it is still stiff enough in the right places to not affect the glide of heavier foil riders. Thanks to the wake-style elevated scoop-rocker line, any loss of lift is smoothly regained, with the board being supremely comfortable to ride thanks to its narrow profile and thin rails, especially when gliding upwind or on waves.

It takes only 10 minutes to change the configuration from the twintip to the kitefoil option, requiring only one key to attach the hydrofoil using the Click & Go connection. To sum up, the Nobile NHP Split Foil board, along with the ZEN hydrofoil and the Check-In Bag creates a unique foiling set that not only allows you to ride in a wide wind spectrum, but also offers comfortable and economic travel to the most distant kite destinations in the world.