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Mischa (Founder and Owner)

What to do if something just catches you and you don´t wanna do anything else anymore? No idea, what YOU would do then, but for me it was crystal clear that there exists something more important in life than money and "success".  Because whats the use of a successful IT-company, if you only think about kite surfing or check out the latest kites/kiteboards every free minute? And why do anything else than this most interesting thing till 4 pm, why wait before the most interesting part of the day finally arrives? 

How everything began you learn here -> HOW IT BEGAN 

Markus, aka Margess Tix (Facebook)

- Online worker 

He started with kite surfing and snow kiting a long time ago. After a longer pause he rediscovered his love for kite sports and lived it up. For us one of the best references which you can have next to a fair and square nature.

In your hands?
Flysurfer speed 2 19 m²
Flysurfer Speed 3 15 m²
Flysurfer Boost 1 11 m²
Flysurfer Boost 2 7m²

Under your feet?

Under your bum?
Opal Astra Silver Arrow

On your ears?
Guitar music, Reggae, Hiphop

On your mind?
-Sea and mountains together on my doorstep ... That would be a dream.
-Mhh...Who is the god of the vegetarians? Herb-Buddha?

Your favorite playground?
Warnemünde, Saaler Bodden, Neu Mukran(wellenspot), Ammerhammer, Walchensee

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And how about YOU?

You live /love kiting in all its facets like us? You wanna make your hobby to your profession or at least a sideline? Then drop us a line! We always seek assistance, just tell us which are your strenghts. 

Varianten wie wir?
Willst dein Hobby zum Beruf oder zumidest als Nebenjob machen. 
Dann werd aktiv und melde dich bei uns

Wir suchen immer Unterstützung, sag was deine stärke ist!

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