Top Trim Guaranty for all of our kites!

We offer you our Top Trim Guaranty for all kites, which you purchased with us, no matter if it is a used or new one. That means you drop your kite at our shop (or send it to us) and we trim it for free!

 Because nothings lasts forever!

 Unfortunately the same is true for the flight characteristics of your kite. Its like with folks you see every day: you wont notice the small changes. Same   applies for every kite system, no matter of its a tube kite, a soft kite, a handle- or depower kite with bar – by prolonging or shrinking of lines and canvas the
 flight characteristics of your kite will decline. Slowly but steadily. After 1-2 years (depends on how intesively you use it) the kite will not fly perfectly any   more.

 Backstall & Unstable Flight Characteristics

 These might be the most common problems, which occur in the course of time. These and other issues you can fight by deliberate trimming. Many of our   costumers use this service and send us their kites once a year for checking and trimming. 

Your Individual Trim 

Thanks to our long-term experience we can trim your kite to your personal requirements. Meaning that e.g. a domestic/inland kite will need another trim than a kite you fly at the coastline. The first one needs more stability, the second more power, for kite looping the kite should turn more tightly as it should for big air jumping. This service also belongs to our Top Trim Service. 

Dauer und Leistung

For used kites you get 24 Months Top Trim Guaranty, for new kites even 48 Months. Our Service also includes trimming the kite to a regular flight characteristic (within realistic means).

- Trimmen des Kites in den regulären Flugzustand (im Rahmen des Möglichen)

- Trimmen auf persönliche Vorlieben

- kostenloser Einbau der Verschleißteile (die Teile selbst werden berechnet) 

- Check der Leinen, des Pulley und des QR Systems

- bis zu 2 mal pro Jahr, du solltest uns den Kite alle 100 Flugstunden oder 12 Monate zusenden