Airush Switch Sonic Progression 2018

Airush Switch Sonic Progression 2018

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Airush Freeride Leichtwind Twintip

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Twintip / kiteboard

Boardbag Länge in CM:158

Airush Freeride Leichtwind Twintip

The Switch Sonic Progression besticht durch die beste Kombination aus Freeride Fun und Leichtwind Bedingungen während die angenehmen Charakterzüge eines normalen Twintips bestehen bleiben. 

- Einsteigerfreundlich

- Robuste Konstruktion

- Holz Sandwich Bauweise

- ABS Kante



The Switch Sonic Progression gives the best combination of freeride fun in light wind conditions while maintaining the smooth and playful characteristics of a normal twintip. The Progression composite construction instills confidence for entry-level users, and offers a robust construction, perfect for those starting and a school environment.

The Airush Multi-zone Biotech construction, a vertical Paulownia wood core sandwich, creates a consistent density from the natural material allowing for a predictable and responsive ride.

The Progression range twintips feature an ABS rail to make sure that your board can handle impact through various stages of progression


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