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Bindung / Pads / Straps / Kiteboard / Kitesurfing

Kold Shapes AIR DAMPENING PADS & STRAPS, Kitejunkie, Kitesurfing

The RATCHET BINDING ist das einfachste System um auch während des Kitens die Bindung einzustellen!

Das AIR DAMPENING System der Pads absorbiert jede Erschütterung beim Landen!

Maximaler Komfort durch:

- Luftkissen unter den Fersen

- Memory Foam: Die Bindung die sich individuell deinem Fuß anpasst

The RATCHET BINDING is the easiest system to adjust while riding. The ratchet allows you to tighten or loosen the strap within seconds!

The AIR DAMPENING system integrated into our pads is designed to absorb any shock while landing! The air cushion sits underneath and around the heel to offer maximum comfort - no matter if you are landing megaloops or simply ride in choppy waters. To further enhance grip we equipped the pads with a 3D surface. To maximise the comfort we equipped the inside and edges of the strap with MEMORY FOAM. The TOE RIDGE presses your toes towards the MEMORY FOAM of the binding.

We could go on about all the different stance options - but just step in and try them out yourself!

Kold Shapes AIR DAMPENING PADS & STRAPS, Kitejunkie, Kitesurfing

My name is Mario Rodwald and I teamed up with a small group of people to design kiteboards true to our philosophy. Our European production partners work on the most modern machines and sites to build boards and accessories of the highest performance and quality.

We truly believe that many things can be done differently regarding the sustainability without sacrificing – or even enhancing – the abilities of our boards. The current prototypes already show revolutionary flex patterns and a completely redefined feeling of pop by using different materials. We are looking forward to see you test ride the POLAR this summer!

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