Levitaz BOOM 2021

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Wingfoil / Foilwing / Hydrofoil / Kitefoil / Early planning, easy control and jumping ability.

Kitejunkie der Serviceshop für Kite und Winger die den Sport lieben wie wir.

    Levitaz BOOM 2021

    Levitaz BOOM 2021

    This board is designed for wing foiling. The focus is on very early planning, easy control and jumping ability. 

    // It comes with a flat bottom tail shape for early planning, concave in the center and double concave towards the nose for maximum control and smooth touchdowns.

    // The tail‘s trailing edge is shaped sharp for earliest planning ability with minimum drag. The front area is designed narrower and thinner for more responsiveness when foiling and jumping.

    // The slight deck concave in combination with the grooved traction pad with kick delivers intuitive foot placement feedback.

    // The short length makes it easy to pump, and jump. The board volume is concentrated in the center of your stance to help you balancing with ease.

    // Equipped with deck and bottom handle for easy carrying of board and wing in every situation - with or without mounted foil. 

    // Various strap positions for your back and your front foot ensure a perfect stance. Additionally, you have the choice of mounting two front straps or one angled center strap for a surfier board feeling.

    // The FUTURES. track system with industry-standard 90mm width offers maximum flexibility, durability and proven performance

    162.5 X 65 X 11 cm (5´4" X 25 5/8“ X 4 2/8“) 94 LITER 

    162.5 X 65 X 13 cm 
    (5´4" X 25 5/8“ X 5 1/8“) 108 LITER 

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