NOBILE NHP Carbon 2020

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Freeride / Freestyle / Karbon / Twintip / Kiteboard

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Das Karbon Twintip

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Optimize your riding in any conditions with the NHP Carbon...

For mid toprofessional riders who are looking for a high-performing board that will tackleany and all conditions, the NHP Carbon is an extremely responsive, precise andultimately comfortable board, optimized for performance and tricks thanks tothe minimized weight offered by the carbon construction and AirLight Core.

The NHP Carbon allows perfect upwind performance and precision turning, while theHydrodynamic Rocker Line and a Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape give the riderfull control.

If you’re looking to progress to the highest level... the NHP Carbonshould be in your quiver.

Odoo • Text und Bild
Odoo • Text und Bild