North Adhesive ventil Airport 2 XL

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    Ersatzteile / Reparatur / NORTH LAZY PUMP L - Valve XL 15cm x 15cm
    - Für North Kites ab dem Baujahr 2013 bis Dato

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    The latest North Airport version 2 adhesive valve. This is the latest, redesigned 2016 version. Fits on all older North Airport 1 kites from 2013 on too.

    Available only on XL 15cm x 15cm adhesive valve base.

    Our XL base is the largest adhesive base on the market.

    It has more than 2.7x bigger adhesive surface areacompared to any other adhesive valve base!

    This means more secure bond compared to competition.


    Official introduction

    For 2016 all kites are equipped with the completely redesigned Airport Valve II.

    To ensure user friendliness the non-return valve has a valve cage which prevents damages of the setback membrane in the inside of the bladder. Reassembling of the secure ring is completely easy due to a secure ring tool which is additionally delivered.

    This new system doesn’t need a velcro system and is not twistable. The thread of the Airport Valve II is redesigned and is less affected by sand or other materials.

    The top of the valve can be opened and closed easily.The Airport Valve’s II unique construction has several advantages, but first and foremost it saves time rigging and gives you more time on the water. The valve works with any conventional pump or compressor as it can be connected directly to the bayonet insert of the hose. The valve is suitable for both, inflation and deflation.

    The deflation option is integrated, which means no external deflation pin is required. Deflation is simply activated by turning the blue wheel on the inside of the valve completely to the right.A short sizzling noise, which is a very small amount of air escaping from the interspace of the valve, when taking off the bayonet fitting is normal. The valve enables fatigue-proof inflation due to the bigger air passage.

    Even bigger kites will be inflated with ease!The new North Kiteboarding pump works 100% with the older Airport Valves I and II.