Zeeko FOIL & SURF BOARD 2016

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Genialer Mix einerseits vollwertiges Foilboard und trozdem im Bedarfsfall auch ein gutes Waveboard fall euch mal die Ebbe erwischt

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The Pocket Air board is the perfect board to learn a new experience: the hydrofoil boarding. This board will follow your progression pushing your limits.Super strong, bombproof and thin board, it increases and eases the control of the hydrofoil.The board is supplied with inserts to connect 4 twintip ns on the bottom (optionnal, suggested size: 7.0cm), the board is rideable as a directionnal board without the hydrofoil. Travel light with one board, one hydrofoil, 2 kites and ride with a windrange from 8kotw to 30knots.

HIGH NOSE ROCKERThe nose rocker of the Pocket AIR is very pronounced, allowing an ideal control during touch down and preventing catapults without the need of a thicker board.

STRAPS (Optional)The Pocket Air whith hydrofoil can be ridden with 0,1,2 or 3 straps. During conventional ride, the board can be take with 0, 1 or 2 straps. 

PADSThe Pocket Air is supplied with large pads in order to increase the grip and the confort of the board.


The Pocket Air is made using the latest snowboard tehcnology.The core is full wood, and the caps are made with ABS fabric. The building is bombproof, and very rigid for a 17mm thick board.Also a thin board gives a hydrofoil more responsive and easier to use.

HYDROFOIL CONNECTION Plate: easy and bombproof

Holes: 160mm X 85mm

SIZE 150X46 cm THICKNESS= 17 mm 


Suitable for ZEEKO Carbon Series & Alloy Series 2015-2016 and 2014 ZEEKO carbon series