Soöruz 3/2 LS Zip-Free BIG Naturalprene

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The first organic wetsuit with Naturalprene and zip-free system

With the Naturalprene NP4 Ultra Flex, the B.I.G. wetsuit ensure best performances in terms of durability, stretch, warmth and comfort. Sourced from Nature, Developed by surfers !
The naturalprene is the fruit of several years of research for making a natural rubber foam.

Wir benutzen natürliche, erneuerbare Produkte für unsere NATURALPRENE Serie, anstelle von ERDÖL!  

The naturalprene is 100% neoprene Free.

More informations :

- POLAR DRY Technology

- NP4- Ultraflex

- Exclusive Zip-free system

- Lining made from bottles

- Aquad-based lamination glue (free solvent)

- All of prints are water-based

- Full GLIDE SKIN inside tape

- GBS Glued & Blind Stiched construction

The most advanced eco-friendly wetsuit

At SOÖRUZ, we believe in achieving sustainability through durability using the new natural rubber Naturalprene. It has nothing to envy best neoprene ; equally effective, It also enables an high level of insulation, stretch, fast drying and it’s more sustainable. 

So we have naturally included it into our new B.I.G. In addition to the 100% Naturalprene, the inner Polar-dry©(water repellent and Quick Dry), and outside ULTRA FLEX lining in recycled polyester made from plastic bottles that offer the same performance of stretch but are more eco-friendly. 

All prints are water-based and we also use an aqua-based lamination glue, eco friendly and solvent free. BIG is the perfect combination between Nature and Technique with Naturalprene and our most innovative entry zip-free system : more stretch and more easily slide-on.  

All of our prototypes have been tested many times by our riders and testers to reach the best performance ever in sustainable wetsuit technology and in order to optimize as much as possible B.I.G. wetsuit.

 Very close to being a totally GREEN wetsuit

The suit is very warm with great insulation properties

We really liked the flexibility and stretch of the Naturalprene material

Polar Dry interior material one of the softer recycled materials on the market

Good price point and choice if you want to put your money where your eco-values are

The Glide Skin is a thicker, stretchier, better-sealing interior tape than the tape in many other wetsuits.

Size : Height (cm) / Weight (kg) / Chest (cm) :

- XS : 168-175 / 57-64 / 86-91

- S : 173-178 / 61-71 / 92-96

- M : 176-181 / 68-79 / 96-100

- MT: 178-183 / 73-84 / 96-100

- L : 180-185 / 77-88 / 100-106

- XL: 183-188 / 86-98 / 106-111


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