Soöruz 5/4/3 LS BZ GURU WIND 2018

Soöruz 5/4/3 LS BZ GURU WIND 2018

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The GURU WIND is our pro-riders first choice.

There is no compromise with the GURU WIND.

It takes advantage of all our Soöruz R&D. Performance is the main goal. Riders need flexibility, lightness and comfort.

Our BLACK DIAMOND HD is more flexible, warm, insulating and strong than any exterior linings developed to date. It has our Back-zip entry with Batwing & water exit. 

The neoprene and lining in Limestone G4 ULTRAFLEX and warmth zone in Storm-dry2.

Seams are glued and blinded stitched and HEAT-ON taped inside on scratching zone.

GURU PRO is limitless.

The brand-new Limestone G4 ULTRAFLEX neoprene: The Ultimate neoprene

Storm Dry2/G4 UF: Wetsuits of limestone G4 Ultra Flex neoprene and Inside Storm Dry 2 Technology

Back-zip : With Batwing to no water entry

GBS : Glue and blind stiched construction

BLACK DIAMOND HD  : Best Wind protection with flexibility and warmth

Seams : Full G4 HEAT-ON tape, insulating and very Flex

Inside Look beim Guru Soöruz

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