Soöruz Wakeweste 2/1 Deluxe 2018

Soöruz Wakeweste 2/1 Deluxe 2018

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Soöruz Wakestyle wakeboarding

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Soöruz Wakestyle wakeboarding


bequme, sicher und flexibel

PVC freie, flexible Neopren Weste mit 17mm

- Recycled Foam – PVC Free

- The ultimate ultra-flex neoprene offers the most flexible and lightest wetsuit ever

- Foam Thickness for protection 17MM

Wake vest – DELUX

The new wake vest Soöruz DELUX is the best impact vest .

More flexible & confortable than ever thanks to our best neoprene : the G4 flex.

It offers optimal protection thanks to its 17 mm PVC free foam.


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