SAB / MOSES Produkthinweis F700-HS
zu kurze Schrauben ausgeliefert
4 Juli, 2021 durch
SAB / MOSES Produkthinweis F700-HS
Mischa Malina :)


An alle SAB Moseskunden

Bei der Fuselage F700-HS sind wohl bisher zu kurze Schrauben ausgeliefert worden, bitte tauscht diese aus oder wendet euch direkt an uns

Betroffen u.a. sind 

SAB Meldung
we are sorry to inform that your fuselage F700-HS has been delivered with the wrong set of screws (MH113). In this set you have found two screws M6x25 with two washers but their lenght is not enough to connect in the correct way the new F700-HS with our masts.
For this reason, we are shipping the new hardware set MH111 with M6x30 socket head screws to everyone who purchased this fuselage or a related kit within the end of May directly from SABFOIL. 
Instead, if you purchased F700-HS or a kit containing it during this period from one of our official dealer/distributor, please refer to they are already receiving the correct hardware set MH111.

If you own the wrong hardware set for F700-HS, please do not use your foil until you receive the correct screws. If you do not want to wait, you can provide by yourself 2 socket head screws inox M6x30 (DIN912-ISO4762).

Starting from now (June, 10th 2021), we are not going to accept any warranty request related to this problem as every customer has been advised and SABFOIL is already working to solve this issue.

We apologize for this inconvenient.

Best regards,

SAB / MOSES Produkthinweis F700-HS
Mischa Malina :) 4 Juli, 2021