Duotone PACE SLS 2022

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Duotone Pace SLS Foilboard

Produktbeschreibung Duotone PACE SLS 2022

Der Pace SLS ist eine völlig neue starre Carbon-Prepreg-Konstruktion, eine Garantie für ein sehr leichtes, noch langlebigeres Board. Das Gesamtdesign des Boards ist nicht nur so gestaltet, dass es schnell ist, sondern auch unter allen möglichen Bedingungen und Disziplinen den größten Spaß bringt, daher bietet die Leichtbauweise ein großartiges Feedback für Geschwindigkeit, Cruising oder Freestyle.

This special design is offering quite some volume just in case you need it, a high nose rocker and a big surface area to make it as easy and comfortable to use as possible. These features in combination significantly increase the light wind performance and handling.

Rails are optimized to achieve the best leaning angles and the craziest upwind performance possible. Technically this board is state of the art, coming with a Track Four Way Mount, an air valve to protect the carbon construction when traveling and multiple foot strap options for your personal stance preferences. The Pace SLS is a foil package with which you will turn heads not only on the water but also at the beach!


      - Lightweight construction for better 

        feedback of the foil

      + All round freeride design

      + Enough volume to help you when you need it

      + High nose rocker and increased surface 

      area for forgiveness


      + Rigid Carbon Prepreg Construction

      + Optimized rails for great upwind performance

      + Extra volume for light wind performance

      + Multiple footstrap options

      + Track foil mount / 4 way mount

      + Self breathing air valve for pressure regulation

      Duotone PACE SLS

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      Boardlänge in Fuß 4'6 oder 4'2 oder 3'11
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