Levitaz MATCH 2021

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Hydrofoil / Kitefoil / Allround freeride board / Strapless

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    The Match is the perfect all-round freeride board, from making your first flight attempts on the foil till powerful freeriding. It matches almost every riding style, the perfect choice for you. 

    // The slightly concave deck and its bottom shape with rounded bevels and edges provide more board control in every touchdown situation.

    // The double skin glass fiber construction with carbon reinforcements in critical stress areas improve longevity and durability. The water-resistant foam core converts the board into a loyal companion.

    // Four strap positions for your back foot and five placement options for your front foot ensure a perfect stance. Additionally, you have the choice of mounting a center strap, V-strap or two front straps for all your foil riding styles.

    // The FUTURES. track system with industry-standard 90mm width offers maximum flexibility, durability, and proven performance

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