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Universal Kitebar für alle Kite mit V Setup

Auch als 5 Leine die perfekte Bar für den Peak 4 und 5

Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist frag uns, wir helfen dir gerne

Universal Bar mit neuen Ausdreh System Preiswerte zuverlässige Alternative zu den orginal Bars.

Diese Bar kann von 40cm auf  55cm oder von 45 auf 60 cm Barbreite eingestelltwerden udn kann mit4 oder 5 Leinen geflogen werden.

Original Text des Herstellers

If you are unsure about the compatibility of your kite with the universal bar, please call us or email us. If you use kites such as Genetrix, 2011 Best Kahoona, older Slingshot, or kites prior to 2008, you will need to perform some slight adjustments on the universal bar.


The Totem universal bar is perfect for freeriding.

Thanks to 4 settings on the bar ends, the Totem bar can adjust to any kite size. When you change the distance between the 2 back leader lines, the kite moves faster or slowlier. If you are flying a big kite, you should spread the 2 back flying lines as much as possible on the bar. If you are flying a very small kite, you should get the 2 back flying lines much closer, to avoid the « mosquito effect ».

The bar is available in 2 sizes55 cm, or 60 cm maximum.

55 cm Totem Bar

The 55 cm Totem bar provides 4 settings for the back flying lines: 40cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55 cm. You can use this bar for kites from 3m2 up to 14m2, or even 15 m2.

Suggested settings:

40 cm*: 3 or 4 m2 kites

45 cm: from 5 to 7 m2, or even 8 or 9 m2

50 cm: 9m2 to 10 m2

55 cm : 10 m2 and more

* the holes closest to the bar centers are interesting for beginners when learning, to avoid oversteering 

60 cm Totem Bar

The 60 cm Totem bar provides 4 positions for the back flying lines: 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm and 60 cm. You can use this bar for kites from 4m2 up to 18m2.

Suggested settings:

45 cm: 4 to 7 m2 kites

50 cm: 7 m2 to 10 m2

55 cm: 10 m2 to 13 m2

60 cm: 13 m2 and more


By the way, current big kites turn much better than older kites. You can have fun trying different positions with the same kite.


Neoprene covers

You can cover the bar ends with neoprene covers.

If you make a kiteloop, the neoprene cover will be more comfortable for your hands. Also, if you fall into the water, the back leader lines will tend to remain geared towards the kite, which is better for your safety.




The universal bars provide the biggest depower throw on the market. You can handle gusty winds much better, and have more fun in the waves : just push the bar and relax !

Also, some kites bars present a slight difference in the line lengths, such as the Kahoona 2011, Genetrix or kites older than 2008. You can trim the bar to offset the kite line difference (or you can use another knot on the back leader lines : see the Questions and Answers).

To trim the kite, you can pull the handle. The handle has a velcro on it, so that you can « stick » the handle to the male velcro near the clamcleat, if you trim.

The trimming handle allows you to trim the kite (in other words, you reduce the power of the kite). Moverover, it comes with a velcro, so you can « stick » the handle near the clamcleat to the male velcro, to prevent the handle from « flying around ». And you can grab it easily at any time.



The only control bar on the market that you can take apart completely and upgrade easily. No use to buy a new bar because one piece is worn out ! All the components of the bar are available online.




The quick releaser allows you to release the kite easily. It is a « push away » QR. Really easy to trigger and re-hook, especially if you are in the water.

This is the shortest quick releaser on the market (with a swivel on top). Kids will love it! Also, if you kite with a waist harness, you will enjoy more depower.

Rotating donkey dick : freestylers will love it.

The chicken loop is reinforced in the middle part, so that it keeps its shape if you unhook.

The QR has a swivel on its upper part. It really works ! You can untwist the lines.

This QR has been improved year after year and is mature. Users of older Kite Attitude bars can upgrade it for a very reasonable price.

You can even make a shorter chicken loop!




All the components can be replaced very easily.

The universal bar is « plug and ride ». You can connect to the kite and go riding. No need to make special adjustments. But expert riders can fine-tune the bar to their own needs.

For instance:

- HUGE DEPOWER THROW thanks to the big depower rope and the AeroCleat Clamcleat.

- You can move up or down the cleat to adjust the depower throw. Ceci est très appréciable pour les enfants, qui pourront attraper la poignée de trim plus facilement. Inversement, si vous êtes très grand, vous pouvez remonter le Clamcleat.

- You can cover the depower rope with a plastic tube (see below).

- Safety connected to one front line or both front lines

When you trigger the QR, the kite falls off and is only retained by one front line. This is the default setting. You can change it to what is called « the short fifth line ». Warning : proriders only should use the short 5th line mode. The reason is that the kite may keep more power, especially in the high wind range. Today, most kite manufacturers are pretty much giving up the short 5th line and coming back to a safety connected to one front line only.

Since all components can be replaced very easily, you can upgrade your bar and save money. So you are not compelled to purchase a totally new bar every year.

- You can connect the lines to any kite briddle on the market, because the loops contain pigtails. So if, for instance, the briddle of your kite has knots for the back lines and loops for the front lines, you can connect without any problem.




Choose what is best for your riding style: 19, 22, 24 meters are standard. You may also get specific length. Just ask us

If you want to be radical in the waves, go for 19 meters.

24 meter lines are best for strong/tall guys, who will get more power in the low wind range. They are best also if you want to jump higher.

22 meter lines are a great choice to ride the waves and have decent power in the low wind range.

17 and 19 meter lines are getting very popular among hydrofoil racers.

If you are unsure about the length that works best for you, go for 19 or 22 meters, and add kite line extensions. So you get the best of all worlds. Kite line extensions will bring you more power. To the point maybe where you will not purchase a bigger kite !

For instance:

- 22 meters with 7 meter extensions and a 11m2 kite will give you pretty much as much power as a 14 m2 kite.

- You will be able to ride in very light winds with a 15m2 and 7meter extensions.


The 2017 kite lines are high performance lines, with very low stretching. They can sustain more than 425 kg (!) and have pigtails at each loop end to connect either to a knot or a loop on the briddle of the kite.



The bars are designed in France, the kite lines come from Europe and are sewed in France. The bars are finally assembled in France. This is why we can provide all the possible options and customization. We have all spare parts available at all times.


We are using are the best possible components to build the Kite Attitude universal bars. Just compare each part with the competitors’s products. Look at ropes, quality of lines, quality of grip, bar centers, etc : it is at least equivalent and often better.

The bar center is molded with stainless steel : it is much stronger than CNC. Not a single bar center broke, over a production of several thousand units.

For instance :

The pulley can sustain up to 700 kg.

The chicken loop is reinforced in the middle, so that it keeps its rounded shape if you unhook.

The depower rope is 5.5 mm wide : it can sustain 2 tons. Most depower ropes on the market are only 4 mm wide, and sometimes less.

If you wonder why the depower rope is not plastic-sheathed, here is why :

1) If you want, you can cover the depower rope with shrinkable plastic tube. You can get some some tube used by electricians to do it.

2) plastic-sheathed depower ropes usually don’t slide as well as plain ropes.

3) plastic-sheathed depower ropes need be much thiner, otherwise they cannot fit into the tubes.

4) our bar center is well rounded and really wide, so the depower rope lasts longer

We have been making bars since 2009 for a number of kite brands. Thousands of riders are riding with our gear. So we have huge feedback regarding how people ride and use the bars, in many parts of the planet. In other words, we know what works in the long run in all weather conditions, and how people want to use the bars (beginners, experts, competitors…)


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