Nobile Click&Go IFS Gen 2 Black

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Bindung / Pads & Straps /Grab Handle/ Kiteboard / Kiteboardbindung

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New IFS is the next step forward in Nobile. Built of the light EVA foam, they’re not only light and don’tabsorb water, but they are also comfortable and user-friendly. Their major advantage is the comfortand the ability to adapt to any foot shape.

An ergonomic shape has been re-designed – thepad surface is the reflection of the human foot and combined with flexible plastic material it ensureseven better foot grip during the ride, which gives you the solid control over the board. In addition,the platform at the toes improves control over the board and precision in transferring the bodymovement to the board.

New designed straps firmly hold the foot in the pad without any uncontrolledmovements, while additional pads on the edges improve the comfort in most delicate foot parts.Another layer was added in the toe area, in order to press the toes to the pad surface.

Ecoleatherguarantees the quality and solidity of the product, the neoprene inside improves the comfort, while the wide Velcro-fastened buckle makes the whole fastening solid and reliable.

The strap itself is fastened inwards, which was proved by the ergonomics tests – it is also less prone to accidental catching in by the kite lines. The pad base made of solid plastic has 4 installation holes which allow to change the angleof attaching them to the board, according to user preferences.


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