Flysurfer Infinity 3.0 Airstyle Bar

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Tubekite / Allrounder / Freeride / Freestyle / Big Air Hangtime / Hydrofoil

Hersteller: Flysurfer

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Best grip, robust security, high-quality lines, endless rotations and multiple possibilites for individual adjustments. The INFINITY 3.0 Airstyle Bar is the control option from FLYSURFER for everyone – from beginners to pros. The bar is streamlined, simple, and at the same time impressive in terms of functionality.

TECHNOLOGYControl Bar (incl. Quick Release & Flying Lines)
SKILLSIntermediate +
SIZES50 cm / 60 cm width

DLX+ Material

Quick Release 3.0

The Quick Release 3.0 (QR 3.0) is the core of the bar. It not only meets the French standard (AFNOR) in terms of safety and trigger forces, it is also extremely robust, compact, lightweight and of course reliable. A flexible, unbreakable Chicken Dick and a new ergonomic handle allow a quick and easy release of the kite in an emergency situation.

Verstärkte Konstruktion

Infinite Rotations

The smooth, integrated swivel function of the Quick Release 3.0 provides an automatic untwisting of the flying lines when powering up the bar. The safety system remains fully functional even after numerous rotations in one direction.

Rigid Foil Technologie

Ergonomic Grip Design

The slim, lightweight Control Bar features a fresh-green signal color on the right-hand side and is available in two lengths – 50 and 60cm. The abrasion-resistant, ergonomic EVA grip is extremely comfortable for the hand and assures solid control even in cold or wet conditions.

Triple Depower

Double-V-Shaped Eyelet

The optimized and reduced-friction Double-V-Shaped Eylet ensures an easy and direct steering response. The powering up and depower functions work even when when you turn the Bar.

Full Depower Safety Upgrade-Kit (FDS)

Pull-Pull Adjuster

The Pull-Pull Adjuster allows for the adjustment of the ratio of the lines (front to control lines) with a short handle, even when the kite in the air. This allows the user to regulate the depower function optimally and quickly. Below the Adjuster is a simple sliding stopper ball. We recommend the use of the stopper ball to advanced riders and ambitious airstylers when kiting in constant winds.

LIROS Dynemma Leinen

Tuning Options

At the integrated Winder you can change the bar width by up to 5 cm, which is recommended when using a bar for many kite sizes. Additionally, the control lines can be adjusted below the floaters, meaning you can counteract the effects of shortened steering lines and tendency to backstall. These features allow the bar setup to be individually adjusted to the rider.

Double Cordwise Ballooning

Low Drag Flying Lines

The low-drag flying lines (length: 21m) have an impressively-low air resistance (diameter: 1.45mm Front / Back 1,2mm) and a very high breaking load (300kg Front / Back 200kg). For years we have put our trust in our parter LIROS for supplying high-quality lines. The 60cm Airstlye Bar setup is additionally equipped with 6m extensions of the flying lines. Thanks to this feature, the low end gets even more effective when using one of our larger kites.

Automatisches Lentzsystem

// Frontline-Safety (FLS)

It is our standard at FLYSURFER to use the system of the Frontline Safety – this additional FLS end line is incorporated approximately in the middle of a front line – the exact details are always dependent on the kite line and the kite size. However, some FLYSURFER kite lines use a different safey system. The VIRON, for example, has a Raff-Safety. For lovers of the 5th line, a FDS conversion kit (full depower system) is available in most product lines.

Speed5 Package

Total package consists of:

1x Bar Handle

1x Quick Release 3.0

1x Flying Lines Set (incl. Frontline Safety)

1x Bar Bag

1x Safety Leash

1x Bar Flyer


INFINITY 3.0 AIRSTYLE BAR50 cm (incl. 21m flying line set)60 cm (incl. 21m flying line set + 6m line extensions)
Control Bar Setup€ 449,-€ 499,-