North Navigator Control System 2020

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Bar / Kitebar / Tubekite / kitesurfing
Lieferumfang: Control Bar + Standard Freeride Loop + Short Leash

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The Connect is designed to reload from any angle, without needing to be super-accurate. Simply push the loop into the vicinity and it locks. It can also be conveniently reloaded with one hand, and relied on for safety in challenging situations. Imagine you’re being pulled onto a reef with waves crashing over you, you’re the only one out there. If you can’t reconnect, you’re in trouble.

A further design complication is the harsh sand and saltwater environment which means you need to strip everything back as much as possible. If the tolerances are too tight, and there’s sand throughout, the components will not release.

So much mechanical finesse, load-testing and material knowledge has gone into the development of the Connect Quick Release, ensuring it meets our demanding safety criteria. The end result raises the industry standard as a whole.

We’ve developed and refined the entire Navigator Control System harmoniously from the ground up, providing a premium user experience that is simple, intuitive and refined - right down to the sound of the closure. Push and click.


Hugh’s inspiration comes from being out in nature, from kiteboarding, a sport that demands you are fully present and in the moment. Hugh believes in the balance of yin and yang – the power and simplicity of nature meeting the energy and progressive push of technology.

As kiteboarding matures he sees the tendency in the industry to keep adding to design and functionality but believes that can lead to complexity for complexity’s sake. He believes that the key is to identify exactly what is needed and remove what is not, crafting every detail with fine precision. To be simple yet powerful is challenging, and he has made it his life’s work.

Hugh spends his time sourcing the best materials and technical craftsmanship from the world’s finest and then puts it to work between 

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