SABFOIL T98 Board WingBW

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Wingfoil board / Wingboard / Board / Board Bag + Board Footstraps

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 SABFOIL T98 Board

     SABFOIL T98 Board


     SABFOIL T98 Board


    SABFOIL T98 Board

    Very stable and perfectly balanced, the T98 makes your sessions more comfortable.

    Ultra compact board developed by mb-boards and Balz Müller, it's easy to forget once in the air.

    Its hull design, specific for each size, guarantees you an immediate takeoff.

    The Albatros T98 will wing with you wherever you want to go. The result of an intense development with Balz Müller to offer you comfort, speed and performances.

    The volume is perfectly distributed where it needs to be to guide and help you find the ideal balance. The bevel along the entire length of the hull guarantees an immediate takeoff after touchdown. The bottom shape is flat at the back for a better glide, and a double concave design at the front for an air-cushion effect during takeoff and touchdown.

    Three straps, with the addition of a central position, for a true surfing experience.

    T-NUTS not included

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       SABFOIL T98 Board
       SABFOIL T98 Board
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